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11th February 2014


A Return to old habbits

It’s unlikely my ex… either of them… will find this blog or know of it’s existence… So i have a safe haven away from their idiocy and so forth.

I know life gets complicated with it’s do’s and do not’… but lets be honest, there are a few ground rules i’ve learned that most people are either unaware of or just plain refuse to listen to, but i feel i have to put some out there for the next poor sap or sappette who needs some advice…

Rule #1

In a relationship? Seen how nice your partner can be? Lesson ONE: DO NOT MOVE IN WITH THEM RIGHT AWAY! Spend vast amounts of time together, see their daily life… know their bad habbits and see if they hide their vile side from you. I never had an issue with this one personally… but it’s still great practice.

Rule #2

Getting better with that relationship? Feel you really care for this person? If you havent been together for at least 6 to 9 months… DO NOT GET ENGAGED TO THEM! I have had this problem with both my Ex’s… of course the first dissolved due to mutual issues… My Second… well… she’s a different story. I mean, i hadn’t even slept with her… fucked her… and we were engaged. I’m not saying pre-marital sex is a good idea. If you feel you want to wait until you consumate the mariage, then by all means, do so because it’s a VERY noble thing. With my latest, she was big on sex. funny subject, which brings me to…

Rule #3

DO NOT FUCK SOMEONE UNLESS YOU TRULY LOVE THEM AND ARE MUTUALLY ACCEPTING OF IT! I’ve only ever slept with one person my entire life, and that was my first Fiance’. too me 4 months of us being together to finally have sex with her. My latest initiated the engagement and wanted to wait until we were married to have sex. I viewed this as an honorable situation. A girl who did all the wrong things in life wanted to finally set things right and wait and blah de blah… well… i knew she was bisexual from the start… at least… but i didn’t pay close enough attention to things and we fell apart because of it… this brings me to…

Rule #4

Do NOT blindly walk into a relationship with a girl who is bisexual… and still unsure of what she wants. Especially if she mentions going full lesbian. This is what bit me in the ass with my latest ex.

I woke up to the promise ring beside me on the table… not even 3 drags into my first cigarette she walk to the door and announces her official claim for being lesbian. Yeah… was a great evening…

So that will be all for now, until i decode some more rules to follow…


18th March 2013


To my buds, i got bored at work, lol.

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17th March 2013


A Little Trek Through Hell

Ok… So i just read the last post i made… now I’m posting this some year and 2 months almost since my last and quite a bit has happened…

Namely for my my mother passed away the 16th of last April and I’m no longer engaged. Me and my father uprooted to another state and i keep inconsistent contact (unintentionally) with my work partners of old… those being the people i was coding for.

Moving off onto something of my own. I’m collecting my own retro game collection and am about to start coding for myself with a second business laptop i purchased.

I find i enjoy Mojito’s like a certain charracter portrayed by the awesome bruce campbell in a TV series i like… (guess it!) And have been working insane amounts or at least enough to drive me bat shit crazy with little time awake to do anything. So…

Here’s to you mom on St. Patricks Day and here’s to trying to keep this damned blog more current…

Maybe Eric still reads this… hmm…

24th January 2012


A Taste… Please give me opinions…

            Victar sat in his chair, quiet and unmoved. Silence fell across the room as the fighting outside subsided. The tailored leather sat bunched on his frame. Studs embedded in the leather gleamed in the pale light emanating from outside. His short, brown hair sat matted on his head, drenched in sweat. His hand’s grip on the short blade tightened as he eagerly waited for the outcome. The door jostled slightly, and then pulled open. Cold wind poured into the room dragging bits of snow with it. An Iron clad soldier stepped in, bloody sword in hand.

            “Victar Vansblade, you are hereby under arrest for your crimes against the Crown.” A stout voice spoke out as the warrior lifted his blade towards the Nord. Victar waved his hand in dismissal as the warrior began to step forward.

            “I would not try were I you Imperial. I have no desire to spill your blood upon my floor, just leave and I’ll forget you were here.” Victar’s Raspy voice sat in the air. The threat seemed to stop the man for a second as if he was considering, and that second was all Victar needed to attain the advantage. Within that time he was up and rushing, blade reversed in his hand. As the guard turned to stop him Victar sank the blade, hilt deep, into his throat. Ripping it from his body Victar stepped over and shut the door.

            “I’m sorry friend, but I knew you would never have left, you were honor bound to take me… but my time is not over.” Victar whispered to the now lifeless form on the floor. The Nord wiped the blade off onto the Imperial’s shirt and sheathed the cold steel. Victar walked over to the fireplace and whispered an incantation, and in seconds a flame jumped through the wood and the timber was aflame. Spits of raw rabbit waited to cook over the flame and a cup and flagon of mead sat nearby on a table. This was to be a night of celebration before the fight occurred. Now Victar’s three companions lay outside in the snow, slain by the Imperial Highwaymen who search for him and his shield-brothers.

31st December 2011


The fall of Skyrim…

I sorta lost all the data for my adventures through skyrim… this means i need to use my Terabyte backup more often…

So to soothe my wounds so to speak, I’m taking a walk through memory lane…

I’m booting up Morrowind and Oblivion for my story time pleasure…

That said… I’m going to see what i can do about getting back on track with making a lets play series…

And i thank you for your patience…

17th December 2011


Q4S Episode 3: Fun Trip to Whiterun

So i walked down the road… and these guys were hauling off my friend… Well… don’t let me tell you, watch how badly i gave them the beatdown…

Again, better in 480p and fullscreen… and yes I’m working on the video quality.

This Video is a let’s play based on the Elder Scrolls series owned and created by Bethesda Softworks LLC. The game herein is property of Bethesda Softworks. This is a fan based let’s play and the only ownership claimed is the image of said creator and the voice overlaying the game as it is played.

Fans interested are encouraged to purchase and play “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Immediately if they havent already done so.

9th December 2011


Q4S Episode 2: Off to Riverwood

Escaping a dragon and an Imperial watch wanting my head because… they… do? So they were like, “He’s not on the list” and another was like “Oh… well… kill him anyways…” So i was like wtf, but then a dragon saves you then tries to kill you and apparently nobody likes me… i mean seriously! But now I’m free and nobody knows about me yet… so i’m off to make a name for myself… and wet my dagger a bit… so yay!

The Following is what follows Episode 1…

This Video is a let’s play based on the Elder Scrolls series owned and created by Bethesda Softworks LLC. The game herein is porporty of Bethesda Softworks. This is a fan based lets play and the only ownership claimed is the image of said creator and the voice overlaying the game as it is played.

Fans interested are encouraged to purchase and play “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Immediately if they havent already done so.

2nd December 2011


Ok, The day you’ve all been waiting for…

So this sorta ended in being a 3 part video…

Due to the extensive amount of story i don’t speak as much as i plan to later. But this is what i have…


Episode One, Starting a story

For the Record, You way want to watch them on 480p, they look better!

1st December 2011


Progress in Q4S (Quests For Skyrim)

I have product to post! I have everything set to start posting the episodes. The first will be a two part post and will both be released on the same day. As for when i will post i am going to say Friday, providing i dont get the urge to do so before then, but we’ll sit on friday.

As for what i’m playing, I’ll give you a guess…

Best Archers in all the land.

From this if you’ve played the Elder Scrolls Games before, then you know who this is, otherwise, you’ll see friday!

27th November 2011


Quests For Skyrim

So I think I’ve decided what I’ll call my new series, Quests for Skyrim. With any luck I’ll have enough time after this next week to have enough done for the first series of Videos. I’m going to say that i “Should” Be posting videos in the first week of December. The Series will be posted weekly on Youtube until there is a break in the series from which i might have time to prepare the next segment.

Due to the vast length of the game I most likely wont complete everything but I can show you the sights and story. Between segments I’ll take that time to level a few select skills I’ll need for the next segment so as not to bore everyone, though i will still record them and post them in brief for people to watch to see the in-betweens of the story.

This all being said i hope to have a nice bit to show people when i begin to post them and feel free to frequent here to see commentary bits and spoilers if you like.